Why use Go (Lang)?

In our previous blog post we discussed “What is Go Lang“, now we’re going to talk about why people use GoLang. Go is the way it is because of why it came into existence: The goals of the Go project were to eliminate the slowness and clumsiness of software development at Google, and thereby to [...]

What is Go (Lang)?

Go (often referred to as golang) originated as an experiment by Google engineers Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson to design a programming language that would resolve common criticisms of other languages while maintaining their positive characteristics. Go was conceived at Google in 2007. The new language was to: be statically typed, to ease [...]

Season's Aloha!

Season’s Aloha for A Prosperous 2017!   From all of us at DRC, have a happy and safe holiday season.              For more information about DRC ‘s people, products and services please visit DecisionResearch.com. “Keep the conversation going”  - Follow us on Twitter and join us on Facebook to stay ahead and maintain a competitive advantage in the rapidly [...]

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