April 15, 2013

DRC GameChanger Policy Administration and Rating SolutionsWhile technological advances provide the ability to get more done in less time, to stay ahead of the game, it also fuels the need for organizations to be more competitive, leaner, and more agile.

Industry experts also report the “workplace” has been undergoing major changes since the onset of mobile, social, and virtual workplaces, which presents the need for more cognitive complexity, and requires more dependence on social skills and technological competence in the workforce.

In addition, organizational theorists report a trend in a move to more team-based collaboration, which “blurs the lines” between the traditional hierarchical business structure and one that can possibly react quicker to the changing needs of the business and clients.  While there are pros and cons to “flattening” or “delayering” a businesses’ management structure, any changes along these lines are bound to pose new challenges, and create new demands on a company’s already optimized resources at a time when achieving higher productivity – faster…is the end game.

At DRC, we understand the complexities that can often times ensue the implementation of new technology, which is one of the reasons why DRC’s product architects designed GameChanger – DRC’s premier Policy Administration System, with an extremely user-friendly platform to meet the dynamic needs of today’s workplace and workforce, without the need for a laborious learning process in order to use it.  What’s more, GameChanger is mobile enabled, cloud ready, and utilizes Microsoft’s latest .NET Technology to create a system that changes the way business gets done by enabling insurers to:

  • Implement new technology cost efficiently
  • Maximize operational resources
  • Increase speed to market
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Effectively lessen the demand on IT resources      
GameChanger’s Flexible, Adaptable, Scalable Technology revolutionizes the way business gets done for insurers writing commercial, personal and specialty lines of business.  You can check out a quick intro to GameChanger in DRC’s video with Karen Yamamoto, President, Decision Research Corporation below:

Change the way you play the game with GameChanger on your team.  

Please give our team of experts a call for more information, and to arrange a customized demo of GameChanger to discover first hand – how GameChanger’s flexible, adaptable, scalable technology will help you gain the competitive edge you’ve been looking for in a policy administration system.

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