August 7, 2013

GameChanger™ DRC's ultra-configurable policy administration for personal, commercial and specialty linesDesigned for P&C carriers, brokers, and MGAs writing business in personal, commercial and specialty lines, GameChanger™ – Decision Research Corporation’s (DRC) premiere “end-to-end” policy administration suite is an ultra-configurable, highly scaleable solution that is uniquely adaptable to a carrier’s changing business needs today…as well as in the future.

GameChanger by DRC is all about flexible policy administration solutions and services that create the right fit.  GameChanger™ offers stand-alone modules such as:  Quote, Policy, Rating, Claims, and Portal, as well as DRC’s stand-alone GameChanger Mobile solution, which will work with a carrier’s existing policy admin system.  Click here for features and benefits on all GameChanger™ modules.

DRC  GameChanger’s customizable “end-to-end” policy administration suite modules can be implemented as stand-alones, in stages, or as an entire comprehensive policy administration suite of integrated policy administration software solutions.  GameChanger is a “future proof” – cost-effective policy admin software solution for companies looking for P&C  policy admin software to bring new products to market quickly, with the ability to customize services to their clients’ changing demands and needs.

Watch our short video with DRC President Karen Yamamoto for the inside look at GameChanger™ DRC’s highly configurable, “end-to-end” policy administration suite for personal, commercial and specialty lines:

DRC LogoGet to know us.  At DRC, we’re all about customizing policy administration systems and services tailored to your specific business demands and needs.  Please give our team of technology experts a call for more information, and to discover first hand – how GameChanger’s flexible, adaptable, scalable technology will help you gain the competitive edge you’ve been looking for with a customized demo.

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