August 28, 2013

GameChanger Portal By DRC GameChanger™ Portal is the newest addition to DRC’s GameChanger™ Policy Administration System Suite for carriers, brokers and MGAs writing business in personal, commercial and specialty lines.

What’s Hot:  GameChanger™ Portal offers one (1) ultra-configurable portal solution with 3 unique views.  Now agents/brokers, underwriters, and consumers have individualized anytime, anywhere access to their own unique view via one easy to learn and use portal.

GameChanger™ Portal highlights:

  • Browser based interface for data collection
  • Role based security management
  • Configurable dashboard providing real-time metrics

Plus, GameChanger™ Portal is also completely configurable by the business units, which allows business to get done without the need for IT involvement.

Behind the scenes, GameChanger™ Portal is easily skinned to incorporate the branding, logos, and color schemes of any carrier, agency or MGA ensuring a unified experience for the end customer.  GameChanger™ Portal can be configured and specifically tailored for the user whether they are an agent/broker, underwriter, or even an end customer for both portal functionality and website screens.

Below is a high level breakdown of the features and functions of GameChanger™Portal by DRC:

GameChanger Portal for the consumer provides functionality including:

  • Anonymous customer quick quotes
  • Real time printing of declaration pages, proof-of-insurance cards, and rate proposals.
  • Straight-Through-Processing of quotes

GameChanger Portal for the agent/broker allows all of the above.  In addition they can:

  • View and approval renewal quotes.
  • Use Agency Bill features to enter early cash payments prior to converting it to a policy.
  • Automatically underwrite policies according to guidelines set in the system.  If the guidelines are not met, they can automatically refer the policy to an underwriter.

GameChanger Portal for the carrier and their underwriters are able to:

  • Review referral quotes and either issue or reject them.
  • View showing all pending quotes that were not immediately issued or those that need additional review.
  •  Analyze performance of business through the dashboard presenting configurable metrics.

GameChanger™ Portal joins DRC’s exciting family of highly configurable policy administration software modules including:

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