March 28, 2014
GameChanger® Suite is now available in a cloud environment and has been deployed to Windows Azure.

Since its inception, the GameChanger Suite has been touted as a quote to claims policy administration system that features DRC’s Flexible, Adaptable, Scalable Technology (FAST) that will help you change the way you do business.

As a cloud offering, the solution has become FASTer by allowing personal, commercial, and specialty line insurance carriers to quickly and easily bring up a new product without the need for space for or a large upfront investment in infrastructure and equipment.  The GameChanger solution in Windows Azure is a perfect fit for new product lines, new markets, or assigned risk business that a carrier might be required to write.

GameChanger Suite offers revolutionary product features and benefits:

  • Changes made in hours and new programs in days
  • Uses actuarial Excel™ spreadsheets as its source for Product Playbooks
  • A comprehensive solution for the most complex rating tasks
  • Lowered maintenance cost
  • Business user and SME configured
  • Can be implemented across Web, large/secured enterprise, and desktop environments
  • Accommodates unique and specific State conditions
  • Flexible and extensible design based on HTTP, XML standards

Read more about GameChanger Cloud offering in the recently published news release.

GameChanger is a flexible solution that is available as an integrated, end to end suite, as individual components, or as a customized solution to meet your specific needs.

DRC LogoChange the way you play the game.  At DRC, we’re all about customizing dynamic policy administration systems, services, and solutions tailored to your specific business demands and needs.  Please give our team of technology experts a call for more information, and to discover first hand – how GameChanger’s flexible, adaptable, scalable technology will help you gain the competitive edge you’ve been looking for with a customized demo.

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