January 7, 2013

DRC Mobile Offering

Decision Research Corporation’s DecisionMaker™ Mobile App is the answer you’ve been looking for in a cost-effective mobile solution that comes standard with DRC’s GameChanger™ Policy Administration System.  

Benefits of DRC ‘s Mobile solution include:

Round the Clock Support:  DecisionMaker™ Mobile Technology provides 24/7 access to manage policy administration services via wireless and mobile devices.

Peace of Mind:  With DecisionMaker™ Mobile, an insured can initiate a first notice of loss (FNOL) while still at the scene.  Real time pictures and video can be uploaded and attached to the FNOL claim.

Time Saving Convenience Features:  The bill-pay function can be configured to push out messaging to the customer when their policy is within x days of canceling so that they can make an immediate payment through their Smart Phone and receive an image of their new ID card downloaded to them on the spot.

Efficient & Cost Effective Solutions:  Customers can manage coverages and initiate amendments to the policy from their phone. Additional services can also be exposed through the application based on specific carrier requests.


  • Faster and more accurate submission of FNOL
  • Immediate access to documentation and photos submitted by the insured for claims reference
  • Automated processing of payment receipts
  • Customer self-service features streamlines work-flow and promotes customer loyalty
  • Allows customer access to the system 24 x7 from virtually anywhere.
  • Utilizes the latest mobile technologies available

Discover how DecisionMaker™ Mobile Technology was used to create the iMingle App.

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