IASA 2017 - A Sucess!

Members of DRC’s executive team has just returned from the IASA show in Orlando. It was a very productive conference where we connected with new and familiar faces from all over the world. The team showcased GameChanger® – our flexible, highly configurable, and automated policy processing system as well as GameChanger Rating, our world class, [...]

Join DRC at the BIG Tradeshow and Convention

Are you in the market for a pre-integrated policy administration system?  Or maybe you’re looking to expand to a new product or market. Join DRC at the BIG tradeshow and convention this weekend at the Riverside Convention Center and take your policy administration system to the Next Level with GameChanger in the Cloud.  GameChanger offers an [...]

GameChanger delivers policy admin with unfair advantage.

Designed for P&C Insurers writing business in personal, commercial and specialty lines, GameChanger™ by DRC takes configurable policy administration to the next level.   In the following video, Karen Yamamoto, President, Decision Research Corporation (DRC) and members of her technology team – share a compelling look at GameChanger’s advanced policy administration system functions…and what makes it unique: Change [...]

Configurability at Core of DRC's New Policy Admin System.

  Change the Way the Game is Played…with GameChanger™ ~ DRC’s New Policy Administration Solution for Personal, Commercial and Specialty Lines. Previews of DRC’s GameChanger are now available. Gain the “unfair advantage” with GameChanger’s F.A.S.T Advantage delivering Flexible, Adaptable, Scalable Technology which allows you to: Increase speed to market… Maximize operational efficiencies… Modify rate plans and programs quickly… Respond to [...]

Maintain Your Edge with DecisionMaker Suite's Policy Management Tools.

Decision Research Corporation’s DecisionMaker™ Suite is Your Dynamic End-to-End Policy Administration System Solution Which Increases Productivity, Provides Greater Accuracy in Less Time, and Strengthens Client Satisfaction through Optimized Customer Service Features. Think of DecisionMaker™ Suite  as your “taking care of business” toolkit to manage your entire policy base—including: Automated quotes Ratings Policy administration Billing, and [...]

IASA 2012 Spotlights DRC Rating and Policy Solutions

  Decision Research Corporation became a hot destination for IASA show attendees looking for the inside look at DRC’s enterprise ready, configurable, stand-alone Rating and Policy solutions during the IASA Vendor Connect Tours focusing  on these areas of business.  DRC President Karen Yamamoto notes, “once again, the vendor connect tours organized by IASA provided DRC with the [...]

Sneak Preview GameChanger™  ~ DRC's Next Generation in Policy Admin Software

    Change the Rules…Change the Game.   Decision Research Corporation Leads the Way in Policy Administration with GameChanger™  ~ DRC’s Next Generation in Policy Administration Software. Advance Preview DRC’s GameChanger™ at Booth #300 during the 2012 IASA Annual Conference  June 3 – 5, 2012 in San Diego CA.  Discover how GameChanger’s innovative Policy Administration Software solutions [...]

Sneak Preview DRC's New Policy Admin System at IASA 2012

The secret’s (almost) out.  DRC’s next generation in Policy Administration Systems will be available for “sneak previews” at the 2012 IASA Annual Conference in San Diego, CA, June 3 – 6, 2012. Sure we’ve been keeping it under wraps, because the advantages of DRC’s new Policy Administration System are pretty hefty. Discover the benefits of DRC’s new [...]

DRC Leads the Way in Policy Admin Systems at IASA 2012

Find out how Decision Research Corporations’s (DRC) innovative Policy Administration Software will help you stay ahead of your competition.  Visit DRC at Booth #300 during the 2012 IASA Annual Conference to take advantage of: Vendor Connect Tours:  #881 Policy Administration & #986 Rating Customizable DecisionMaker™ Suite Product Demos Sneak Previews of DRC’s NEW Policy Administration System… coming [...]

IASA 2012:  Stay ahead of the competition with DRC's Policy Admin Tour 881

IASA Annual Conference 2012:  DRC’s Policy Administration Systems will help you stay competitive in today’s insurance market.  Find out more – sign up for the IASA Policy Administration Vendor Connect Tour 881  at 9:50 am on Monday, June 4th for DRC’s Policy Administration Systems presentation.   Below is a summary of the PAS Vendor Connect [...]

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